Timmy or LGW?


i tried the LGW and a/bied it with ts808 reissue.
to my ears with strat the 808 beat the LGW.
i couldn't get the classic 808 sound, but it was close.
but with les paul... the LGW kicked the 808 ass which is know to not work well with humbuckers.
i'd say that the LGW is ts for humbuckers :).

i didn't get the chance to try the timmy, this is why i can't decide.


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I've had both, and they're both fantastic pedals. They have some similarities in that they're both low compression OD's that stack well. The LGW has a great voicing, it has a boosted midrange but has that tweaked BJF sound that makes it sound very full and natural. It's also extremely responsive. The Tim is similar but doesn't have as much of a mid boost and has a more flexible EQ. I slightly preferred the Tim for my setup (I found it a little bit less compressed and could dial in my sound a little better with the EQ, and that worked with my gear (I play a tele into a Reverend Hellhound) but you really can't go wrong with either. Both respond really well to being stacked with a compressor (especially the LGW).


Hey man ! How about an LDO?? works great with both Single Coils and Hums are awesome!! ... but I would pick the LGW if i had to pick one. Bjorn Rocks.

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