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Timmy vs. Barber LTD vs. Silver Kiss


I am currently using an OCD v.3 for my higher gain stuff. Now I'm looking for a low-gain OD for my strat/65 bassman to give me that nice, smooth breakup. I think I've narrowed my choices down to these 3 pedals, but I am definitely open to your suggestions on other ones as well. It would be great if the pedal could stack well with the OCD, but that's not a must. If you say the Barber LTD, please specify which version you are referring to. Thanks for your help!


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I can speak to the Timmy & Barber LTD Silver & original Black. The Black has a bit of a mid-range coloration that's absent in the Silver. The Silver is pretty close to the Timmy in terms of gain but the Timmy beats it for transparency and eq.


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I have the Timmy (both versions) and Silver Kiss Mk 2.

The Timmy is king for preserving your amps inherent voicing and just adding some grit. There is no better pedal that I've come across in this regard.

The Silver Kiss is more Voxy in its voicing to my ears. The breakup is smoother, and its more responsive to volume knob changes and picking dynamics. The EQ is more flexible too since it can boost as well as cut.

But obviously I'm the wrong guy to ask about narrowing down the options since I chose BOTH... :p


I'm interested in knowing more about LTD silver vs Timmy. I don't want to but 2 times the same sound since I currently have a Timmy and it's great!

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