Tippin OOO 12

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    Jan 8, 2007
    Sold this guitar via fleabay, person who bought it Jim from NY claimed he did not receive guitar. After a bunch of bs phone calls to me and the shipping co that packed and shipped he opens a claim for insurance.
    Next thing I see is the VERY SAME Tippin on AGF. For sale by brand new poster," Meebo". The detailed photos I retained from my sale match the guitar this guy is selling EXACTLY. I contact this " Meebo" for serial number and of course he ignores the question by simply stating he will get back to me, and never does.
    When I send my photos posted next to the "meebo " photos to the buyer- scammer, two hrs later I get a call from Jim- " meebo" the guitar has just showed up! After almost FIVE WEEKS! Then suddenly the guitar "sells" on AGF and the poster" Meebo" disappears ..... :huh
    So the gig was to say guitar did not arrive via ups and go after insurance money ,+ sell the guitar for cash in the meanwhile!
    Ok so what I' m getting at here is if you see this guitar for sale PLEASE DONT BUY IT .
    I have all photos if you need them.
    Serial number is 0501132
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    Dec 5, 2013

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