Tips on Programming Drum Tracks


I used to do alot of midi music back in the day when the stuff was first coming out but got away from it for years. Now I'm back into it and was going to use all the computer recording software but found it cumbersome, so I bought a BR-600, a midi controller and some Yamaha sound generators and am having a much less complicated blast. (I'll figure the computer software out later when I have more time)

Anyhow, no problem at all with the BR-600. I actually love the drum tracks so I'll lay down the basic arraignment with the BR-600. I'm then adding/recording cymbal/snare accents thru the sound generator and occasionally, on the BR pads. What I'm looking for is some tips on adding/recording drum rolls. The BR pads are too small and doing them on a keyboard is hit and miss. I just can get into the whole 'step' recording thing as I don't understand it, I guess.

Anybody have any ideas or tips that might help?


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