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To Attenuate or Not?


I have a 85 watt Twin a 50 watt H&K and a Lil' Giant.... I'm starting to figure out that the Lil' Giant ight be a little small for gigging....Question would you prefer to use a smaller amp to get into the "sweet zone" or attenuate a larger amp? I have another Rebel 20 coming to replace one that arrived DOA.. I have a rehersal tommorrow so I might get the answer.. I don't have a attenuator so I'm curious...


If you can get your Rebel into the sweet spot without attenuation and still have a clean channel then go for it. I play out at church about every third week now for years and have used several THD hotplates with 30 and 50 watt non master volume amps with a good degree of success. I consider an attenuator a crucial part of my rig. I have had lots of nice compliments on my tone. I just wish my stinky playing was up to par.:D:puh


2-Voice Guitar Junkie and All-Around Awesome Guy
imho... BIG amp and attenuator works best.


It's a personal thing, I tried a 2.7 ohm Hotplate with my Vibroking, and realised I prefer the sound I get with a couple of decent pedals. The Hotplate did what it's supposed to do very well though.

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