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To compress or not to compress?


I just got a barber tone press, and I haven't really had a chance to mess with it. Anyone have good settings for a more subtle use? I owned a cs-3 awhile ago, and sold it right away. I'm not wanting to kill my dynamics, just boost the sound a little bit. I'm always torn on whether or not to use compression in general. Oh lord.


I'd suggest;
Volume @ 2 o'clock
Mix @ 8 o'clock
Sustain @ 2-3 o'clock

Fattens things up in a more subtle way. Also, make sure the internal trim pot is on its minimum setting. Like you I tend to um and err about compression. I love my AM Juicer for obvious squash with a bit of grit. The TP is a bit more neutral (character wise) with that firm "barber feel" and (to me) slightly rolled off high end. Try bringing it along to a gig and just stepping on it there, I think that's where they sound the best!
Funny, I keep that internal trim maxed out to get an "un-compressor" tone. I want my guitar to just sound like it's just sustaining more.

What I first did was to max out the volume and set the mix to minimum with the sustain to about 12:00 to start with, and then bring up the mix till I got the level I liked. Then I tweaked the sustain to get the amount compression that fit what I was looking for.

I use it for no boost, deep sustain these days, but the above worked for me finding a nice boost.

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