To search for any of multiple terms or words, use " | " between them.

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    Apr 8, 2011
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    To run a single OR type search for ANY of several words, instead of OR, or in the old system we could simply seperate them with a single space, on XenForo you need to use " | " between the words.

    For example, to search for pedals by 3 builders, and 2 pedals by name of the pedal, all in one search at the same time, to save time, you can do that. Lets call them Builder1, Builder2, and Builder3, Pedal1, and Pedal2:
    You would enter for the search:

    Builder1 | Builder2 | Builder3 | Pedal1 | Pedal2

    and the search will return ANY ad with that word in it. If you have save searches turned on on your device then you can "left click" in the blank search box and it will remember your search next time. If you have a list of pedals you're looking for ..., this saves me a lot of time.
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