To which extent does your first guitar influence your current preferences


First I ever played was a Yamaha classical. First electric I tried was a borrowed Teisco/Mustang. First electric I learned on was an SG knockoff. First electric I ever bought myself was a Sears strat. First 'real' name-brand guitar I played out with was a G&L F-100. Then owned a Fender 'The Strat' and a Yamaha SE612 for a couple years, then the first 'real' name-brand guitar I bought myself was a Gibson Les Paul. Because I changed guitars so much during the learning/formative period, I'm at home on any guitar. I've learned to adapt.


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My first guitar was a student Honda II acoustic. I haven’t really desired an acoustic since.

My first electric was a non-Telecaster, and all but one of my purchases since have been non-Telecasters.


After a Satellite LP (maybe UK people will remember those awful things) and some Westone model the first decent guitar I got was a Squier Strat I played it to death and ever since I gravitate to strats so I guess it had a big influence yes.


My first "real guitar" was a 1972 Fender Strat with a natural finish which got me into Strats and the Fender line for the next 40+ years. My second guitar was a Les Paul Deluxe in cherry sunburst. I loved the tone of the Deluxe so much I just picked up another LP Deluxe in Gold Top which is excellent. The slightly thinner LP is great for rhythm and stinging leads which is great.
My first guitar was an old white “Telestar” semi-hollow with a knockoff Bigsby and a multi-multi-laminate plywood neck (like on a Kubicki, but crap quality), and I hated it

My first “good” guitar was a Mexican Strat that I loved and still have

Funnily enough, after about 5 years playing the Strat, I switched to a Rick 360, and then about 15 years later to a Gibson Tennessean, so maybe that old Telestar did imprint me with a subconscious desire for semi-hollows


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My first guitar was a Montana acoustic my uncle gave me as a gift. I still have it today. I learned a lot of songs on it but mostly the wrong way to play. It does have an impact on how I play as I still try to change the bad habits I have had over the year and yes I am a hack still.

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My first guitar was a 24 fret ebmm silo with a floyd and higher output pickups.

I can play pretty much anything, have owned a bunch of different guitars, but still feel the most comfortable on the S platform. No more Floyds or hot pickups though.

I really like medium or smaller necks, a floating 2 point trem, I use the 2 and 4 on a 5 way a lot, and having the volume within reach of my pinky is strongly preferred.

Either my first guitar significantly influenced my preferences, or I found my "type" right out of the gate.


Influenced me to understand I can play anything. It was crap and I managed to deliver with it.
Your point of rediscovery is key. I have a variety of guitars and I cannot say which is my favorite. I am playing 335 now, but that one turns to rags in the corner when I pickup my strat or lp... same for when I pick up that 335 again.

Variety can help inspire, imo.


My first electric was a 60s Kingston. It was a pos but it was electric. The amp was a Harmony H400. After I'd been playing a year my parents bought me a '66 Fender Musicmaster II. It was my only guitar for 13 years and I still have it but it's a case queen.
IMG_20220429_145555977_MP by Greg Koelling, on Flickr
I hacked it in the late 70s but a friend brought it back to original about 10 years ago. The neck is too thin for me (I have arthritis and now use FAT Allparts necks) but having just a neck pickup left me preferring that position on most of my guitars to this day. I have an LP and have owned SGs and semi-hollows but my partscaster Teles and Strats are home.

@JorisBlack what is this fat necked SG you speak of? I've had a few with the "rounded profile" that were fatter than a 60s slim but I sold the last one after a week. My arthritis is to the point where a neck really does have to be FAT.


My first guitar was a ratty old beat up to hell les paul jr with a funny lookin plastic pickup and wore the scars of years of abuse. I swapped it for a shiney red strat copy.
My 1st guitar has only influenced my ability to know that all that glitters is not gold.


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My first guitar was a Korean Rickenbacker knock off that I wanted because it looked like George Harrison's 12 string, then added a Bigsby to as a 16 year old Suede fan. Here's the only pictorial evidence I have of it in what I'm guessing (by the Bowie Outside tour T shirt and the drummer's ferocious New Model Army undercut) was taken around 1995:


The photo already shows my old faithful 355 in the background so that was clearly my next move from the Ric copy, but I'd tried real Rics by that point and couldn't figure them out with the weird neck profile and sticky fingerboard, so I moved onto Gibsons. I kept coming back to Rics and hitting the same wall with them, but eventually in early lockdown I stumbled upon a really good deal on a 360 and bought it thinking I'd play nothing else for a few months and if I still didn't get it I'd put the Ric thing to bed once and for all. I ended up falling in love with it and Rics are a comfortable second to my Gibsons now, but it took me 25 years to get there.


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My first electric guitar was a cheap flying Vee. I was playing rock and blues exclusively.

These days, I mostly play jazz on hollow and semihollow guitars. I do still own a Nash tele and Warmoth partscaster strat to go with a 339.


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My first guitar was a Squier Bullet Tele and I quickly outgrew it. I know lots of people love their Squiers but this one wasn't a very good example - wouldn't intonate, odd string spacing, and really noisy pickups. I moved on to a Player series Strat within a few months. So no, my first didn't determine my later preferences that much - other than helping learn what to avoid.


The first electric I played was my brother's Ibanez. The first electric I bought was a mid 80s MIJ Fender Stratocaster. A few years later I bought a Gibson and loved it for many many years. I sold the Fender a long time ago. People love Strats, I liked it enough at the time, but I loved the Gibson. I've since bought a Gretsch that I might love even more. Just ridiculous chutzpah in comparison to that original Stratocaster.

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Ummmm. I think my taste is just my.taste. When I started in the '80s my first was a Strat. Then next a Les Paul Std. When in stores 90% time I try out pretty traditonal Fender/Gretsch/Gibson type guitars. I had one Shredder. An Ibenez.540 Sabre.Ltd. it was a solid.guitar.

Chuck Chrome

Close I guess. First guitar/amp was my older brother's Electra MPC and a Fender Twin Reverb. Now 35 years later I mainly play a Les Paul and have a Fender Princeton.


My first guitar was a Cort Steinberger copy that I chose because it was the weirdest looking guitar in the pawn shop and I was 14 and wanted a weird looking guitar to show how punky and unusual I was.

Fast forward 35 years and my two main guitars are Fender short scales (Player Mustang and a modded MIM Duo Sonic) that I totally only like for 100% practical ergonomic reasons and definitely not at all for the underground alternative indie-nerd vibe they give off, honest!


My first guitar was a strat, a squier.
My first real guitar was a strat.

Super strats naturally followed.

It took 20 years before I got a gibson type....and I liked it! But, I prefer super strats type playability and modern touched like esp eclipses over actual les pauls.

My number 1 is a warmoth strat

My next and last electric will be a short scale double cutaway bolt on. Sorta melding the best of both camps I guess.

So , I tend to agree with the OP's assessment

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