Sold Tokai Love Rock LS-120 Aged Honeyburst — 1985 — SOLD


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$OLD...Thanks Robert!

No trades, thanks.

More Pix:

Stunning vintage Tokai with one-piece mahogany back and '59 style neck profile. Great sounding, clear and articulate Les Paul, a natural light relic from 31 years of playing. Well loved and cared for with some dings, some scars and some belt buckle rash on the back.

Professional refret by Tom Cerletti while he was at Rebbecke Guitars in 2004. Jumbo 6000 nickel silver frets with one fret level. Lots of life left in the frets, right now they are just a bit wider and higher than new medium jumbo frets, so it's like having new frets that have been expertly leveled, crowned and polished.

Frets have smooth rolled ends, the nut is carefully hand-shaped and the strings sit just above the 1st fret. The neck is full, and together with a rolled fingerboard binding, is a wonderful experience play.

Neck is straight, low action, and set up ready to play with Rev. Willy’s 9-42 Strings.

Purchased in Japan in 1985, the guitarist passed the Love Rock on to his luthier son and I bought it in 2004.
  • Made in Japan in 1985
  • Nitro Finish
  • One Piece Mahogany Neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • One Piece Mahogany body
  • Solid maple cap - bookmatched flame maple veneer top layer
  • 24 3/4” Scale
  • 1 11/16” nut width - bone
  • 6000 frets by master luthier Tom Cerletti
  • 10” radius by Tom Cerletti
  • 59 rounded neck profile - full but not a baseball bat
  • .85 at 1st fret
  • .92 at 12th fret
  • MIJ Maxon TTops 8.2 Ohm Neck - A2 Alnico Magnet
  • MIJ Maxon TTops 8.6 Ohm Neck - A2 Alnico Magnet
  • Keystone Gotoh tuners
  • Gibson ABR-1 bridge
  • 500K Burny pots 1986 - easy to turn
  • 50's style wiring
  • .015 uF Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil capacitor on Neck
  • .022 uF Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil capacitor on Bridge
  • Shielded control cavity
  • Weight around 9 and a half ponds
  • SKB Case
I have always been a serious fan of Les Pauls since first playing them in the 60s. The Tokai is truly a Les Paul, though it goes by another name. Like any great guitar, the Love Rock maintains its own signature sound while bringing out the tonality of whatever pickup is installed, and the 1977 MIJ TTop pickups by Maxon are an excellent match: the neck is sweet and full, the middle is hollow and present and bridge goes from cutting to nasty.

Great looks, great sound, great guitar.
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that's how you make a for sale ad, well done and best of luck...these are great gits by any measure !


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Kudos to the seller - I took the guitar out to play Wed. night and it SCREEEEAMED! The Sebago amp - Double Trouble - I'm sure helped!

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