Sold Tokai Love Rock Special MIJ...Gibson P90s

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    $OLD...Thanks Dan!

    - Made in Japan in 2008
    - Mahogany Neck
    - Mahogany body
    - 24 3/4” Scale
    - 1 11/16” nut width
    - Jumbo frets - Jescar FW58118 - by master luthier Tom Cerletti
    - 10” radius by Tom Cerletti
    - 59 rounded neck profile - not quite as full
    - .86 neck depth at the nut
    - .93 at 12th fret
    - Gibson 8.19 Ohm Neck - A5 Alnico Magnet
    - Gibson 8.2 Ohm Bridge - A5 Alnico Magnet
    - like the originals, the pickups are wound the same, so no RWRP
    - Tokai by Gotoh tuners - hold tune extremely well
    - Epiphone wraparound bridge - more presence and life than the Tokai Bridge
    - 500K DiMarzio pots - easy to turn
    - .015 uF Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil capacitor on Neck
    - .022 uF General Instruments paper in oil capacitor on Bridge
    - Fully shielded with all shields grounded
    - Weight around 8 lbs
    - Great old case, fully functional, of unknown origin

    I have been a serious fan of P90s since first playing them 12 years ago: Gibson Les Paul 56 Custom Shop, Juniors, Specials; an Edwards Les Paul Goldtop; and finally this Tokai Love Rock Special. Wolfetones stayed in the Special for the longest time, until I played 2 Gibson 56 Juniors and a Gibson 76 Special…both with stock pickups. Wow! So, in went some standard Gibson P90s…
    the neck is sweet and full, the middle is hollow and present and bridge is cutting and nasty.

    For this particular guitar, Gibson P90s are it…The Tokai Love Rock Special delivers the best of P90 tones, combining great sound and playability.

    $OLD Shipped and PayPalled in the 48 states.

    All Prices Shipped and PayPalled in the 48 States.
    Will ship to Alaska, Hawaii and other countries for additional charge.
    Sorry, no trades.
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