TOL 100 stuck in channels 1,2,4


Can anyone tell me if they have had this problem? I don't have a foot switch but wonder if that would take care of the amp being stuck in three channels? Does anyone have an EG4 foot switch they want to sell? Best amp ever by the way.


I'd email Bruce Egnater. By all reports, he's good for support.

I've owned two TOL100's, one original and one of the Rocktron ones. I don't recall ever having a channel switch problem with either of them. I had the pedal for one of them, but mostly used the built in midi control for everything.
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Bruce is great for support, from my experience. Sometime around 2001/2002 I blew the power supply out of my MiCA TOL100RC biasing new tubes (don't cross the streams!). Sent it to Bruce. He turned it around really quickly and it was rock solid.

When the MOD amps first came out, I bought a MOD100 with a matching 4x12 cab. My MOD100 was one of the early ones that only ran single channel modules. I think I had every module he made (and two of the SL++ mods). Man that was a great sounding amp. Anyway, I had to custom order the cab through Bruce's shop and it was an easy experience.

Never had my TOL have a channel switching problem, but Bruce took care of my amp when I had trouble. Good people.

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