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Everyone seems to complain when they get bad service, but not mention it so much when they get great service. So, here's a good service story.

I own a Tom Anderson '99 Cobra S hollow. Bought it used. Own two more TA guitars, love em. I was doing an electronics upgrade on my '99 Cobra S and had a few issues that made me leave it on the table for a couple of days. Wife cleaned up the dining room where I had it, and long story short, tossed the back plate.

I sent an email to TA support last night. Mentioned the model and year of guitar (and serial) and asked for price on a new back plate. Got a reply about 10 minutes (literally) later from Tom Anderson, asking for my address, verifying which plate I needed and also asking if I needed the screws too.

I was more than willing to pay for the part, but Tom shipped me a new one (and screws) for free on a guitar I bought used.

Pretty cool, eh? Not to mention that in my opinion, you can't really do better than one of his guitars. And every time I gig I get compliments on the tone, look and if I let them check it out, the playability of my Andersons. His guitars are good enough I'd play them anyways, but to get that kind of customer service is just icing on the cake.


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I have one I got new and one used, and Tom doesn't care which is which, he supports them forever. Best company of any kind I've ever dealt with!

If the guitars weren't awesome, it would be moot, but they are... I had to call with some questions one day and Tom himself answered the phone. He's very down-to-earth.

btw, if you're an anderson owner, the Anderson forum is a great place.

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Tom, Roy, Rachel, Laurie the whole crew at Anderson are great. Call up and ask to speak to Roy's mom sometime - just keep it clean! :D


What did she think it was?

I think she was simply training him... Stay off my dinner table or else... Considering all possibilities I'd say OP got off with minimum damage!

Joke aside, thanks for sharing this story. It is wonderful to hear that companies and business owners like this still exist. I will buy an Anderson guitar sooner or later and now I feel better about who I will be buying from. Thanks


No arguement here! Tom is the man. I emailed him once about a used cobra for sale that was claimed to be his at one time. He responded within an hour (was expecting never) and gave me a lot more info on the guitar then I was even looking for. REALLY cool guy. Love his guitars. Especially the cobras :bow


Very nice thread. I have had virtually no experience with Anderson guitars, but I have heard nothing but great things. I did stop by their booth at NAMM last month. The guitars look great, but I didn't get a chance to play them.


+1 on the service Tom gives. I bought a used Crowdster and sent it to Tom to get some work done and I couldn't have been happier! He was great to work it into his and my schedule. I even called the shop later with some pickup questions. The receptionist said hang on, let me get somebody for you, the next voice said "This is Tom how can I help you?" In a day of Big Box everything, it is a pleasure to do business with a great smaller luthier.


I once did the SAME THING, except I left the whole guitar except the backplate on the table and my wife threw IT away. Tom sent me a new guitar, free of charge, to go with the backplate I still had.


Seriously though, Tom has answered questions quickly and personally that I had about a used Anderson I bought. Great company to deal with and stellar instruments.


Anderson Guitar Works is just a class act. From service to design to innovation to communication. And Tom himself spends a lot of time on the forum patiently answering questions, many of which the OP could have found with a simple search.

Tom really is great about sending things like springs or hex keys, screws, etc to "complete the set" when purchasing a pre owned Anderson, or helping to rehabilitate one.

I have a bunch of guitars, and I'll tell you ANY of my Andersons would be my desert island guitar.

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