Tom Anderson HF/HC Humbuckers


Do the HF/HC series hums split as well as the original H series?
I'd love to have a little more midrange richness than the H2 gives in a 25½" scale HSS guitar.
They appear to have pretty similar construction.

Speaking of which, somebody once described them as a vertical magnet design.

Would love to confirm whether they actually use rod mags or just double slugs with a bar underneath.
Has anyone here opened one up?
Yes the hot ones (HF2/HC2) do split well. The magnet design is similar to a traditional humbucker with double slugs and a bar magnet.

The H series use a magnet vertically aligned between the coils which is very different to regular pickups. The H series sound more even across the spectrum without that mid bump that traditional pickups and the HF series have.

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