Tom Anderson wiring diagram


A friend of mine bought a Tom Anderson strat style and it seems that the previous owner messed up the wiring.As a result aside from the 1 and 4 positions,non of the others is hum canceling.
The configuration is : bridge to neck H/S/S ,a volume , a two way switch (splitter?) and a tone control with the selection being made by what seems to be a 5-way super switch that i have no clue on how it works. Since i've never dealt with such a wiring and due to the fact that my technical abilities are limited,i'd appreciate if someone could post the wiring in a way that i can understand it, so that i can be of some help and save him some time and money.


Check out the Anderson site. They explain the different options. If you emailed them a pic I bet they'd tell you how to get where you want to go with the wiring.

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