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Tom Jones, where does he fall for you?


As a partial Welsh descendant, I've long admired John Cale & Tom Jones. He recorded a better version of Hey Jude than The Beatles, but he was following Wilson Pickett's version. Pickett's is the gold standard for that song, but both did it better than The Beatles:

This one with Janis Joplin is also pretty cool:



Senior Member
He has an awesome voice but for some reason I always thought of him as a novelty act in the 80s when I would see him on late night TV.
He never really had any popular songs during that period and I just thought his act was borderline parody.
I now know better but that was through the eyes of a teenager.

Same feeling here, I remember him as kind of a joke as a child in the 60's n 70's. Saw him on the Blues Documentary doing a quick warm up with Jeff Beck on an Es175. Wow they ought to cut a raw album of blues/jump/RnB numbers. Recently seen a lot of clips of him from his TV show and that was a hip show. CSNY in 70, doing long time gone with Jones. HE SMOKES IT.

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