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Crying in the Rain is one of the Whitesnake hit songs that everybody associates with Tommy Aldridge. Yet, he can only be heard playing it on Live Whitesnake albums. The original 1982 recording of Crying in the Rain was played by Ian Paice, the Deep Purple legend. The re-recording of the song for the 1987 self-titled 'Whitesnake' album was recorded with Aynsley Dunbar.
I did not know that.

I've considered going to see Whitesnake just to see Tommy again. On the WS tours I did go to, I'm not sure when it dawned on me that I was seeing the Blizzard of Ozz [touring] rhythm section.
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Some mistake Aldridge as the drummer on Diary of a Madman as his pic in LP sleeve.
But, it was Lee Kerslake on the first two solo records w/ Rhoads, Daisley, Airey.
Tommy very much a double bass guy, Kerslake was not.
Amazing the level of fitness Tommy has maintained, but think the Pat Travers/Thrall era my fave. Didn't not enjoy Tommy's short-lived period w/ Gary Moore (Dirty Fingers, Live at the Marquee); time just didn't seem solid.

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Drummer on one of the all time best live albums ever release - 'Go For What You Know' w Pat Travers Band. Monster.

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