Tone characteristics mistakenly applied to the amp


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Or maybe "things that should be tried before getting a different amp" would be a better thread title.
I'll start. Chime and glassiness have quite a bit to do with pickup height.
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The speaker and cabinet make more of a difference to your tone than just about any other factor. I think thats the most misunderstood thing.

Once I have more living space to work with I will probably double my cabinet options from 3 to atleast 6.

Don't get me wrong, amp whoring is way more fun but the biggest difference between amps is the playing response, tone stack on the eq, and the coarseness of the gain.


Well, I can only go by my previous experience. I'm sure you have read that players try to dial in any amp they use for their choice of specific tones.

On some amps, such as Vox and related amps, the chime and glassiness will come naturally, and of course single coils enhance that experience.

If I want that aspect of an amp when I play, I have found that I would have to switch to an amp that offers that tone as part of the inherent sound the amp will put out from how it's wired.

I have tried getting a glassy sound from some amps I used to use, but I have not had the success I desired in achieving that tone. Also, I use humbuckers for the tones I need, as I have the lightest gauge strings I can find, 7-32, so I have to find ways to artificially boost the fatness of my tone as a result.

If I wanted more glassy tones, I would opt for Fenders and Vox. Some amps might put out these sounds, but they might tend to sound phony, or artificial, compared to other amps.


Everything influences everything else.the pickup,pickup height,caps,pedals,amp preamps,gain stages,eq,pi,ot,output valves,cathode or fixed biased,speakers,cabinet,room,net voltage,humidity,temperature.and, if it,s not that

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Strings, both composition and gauge.

Pickups, especially pickup height. Adjustable pole pieces are adjustable for a reason.

Finally, amp placement is a major factor in overall tone.


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If you go though all the eq settings and change guitars ect and still like the amp, but don't love it yet, change the speaker


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Before all the other "changes" noted here. I recommend 2 simple things. first. Change the angle of your speaker cab in relationship to the room and your ear. Second. Try using a different pick. Buy 30 different types if you must I promise you they will all sound differently. It's a lot cheaper to buy a pick than it is cables, speakers,cabs, amps.
If you can't find a pleasing tone with those 2 changes. It mostly likely is not the equipment but a greater expectation of your abilities than is factual.

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