Tone city - Tape Machine .. distorted echos?


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I don't recall it always being like this, but maybe it was?

I've had the Tape Machine for a year or two, but its off the board due to the echos being distorted. A little distorted/faded, I can get, but this is .. fart like distorted/overdriven. No bueno.

I read about this happening on the Rubberneck possibly due to power starvation, and I tried on this guy (individual power, right from an appropriate plug, power from a power supply, etc).. and still distorted.

Is it always like this, and I'm just not remembering well? Or is this an issue that can be fixed? I like dual delays, so want another to go w/ the Rubberneck! If its a part swap, I can likely do that (not the greatest luck w/ SMD, but I figure if its worthless now, may as well try) ?
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