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guys, i have guitars with dual hum, 3 way selector, 1 Vol, 1 Tone .

the problem is, everytime i roll off the tone pot, it responses at only at 40%-0% position, not responsif enough while i love to play with vol/tone control.

i use 500kA for both pots, 0.022uF mylar. i'tried several wiring , but it not help.

can anybody help me??
cos it happened to my dual single coil too...
it use 250kA and 0.047 mylar, tele style wiring

is it the pots?? or the wiring?? or the caps??

thx in advance...

John Phillips

That's what he's got - 500KA is audio taper.

It's IS probably the pots though. Many lower-quality logarithmic and audio-taper pots are not true tapers because they're expensive to make, so instead they're made from two sections of linear track to give a crude approximation of it. This causes exactly the pot response that GMaker is hearing.

(Welcome to the Gear Page GMaker! :))

You need to replace them with higher quality pots - try RS Electronics (do a search on here, there's a TGP member who works for them). I'm not even sure I'd recommend the CTS pots sold by Allparts etc or packaged up by Fender etc any more - I've had some quality problems with them recently.


Originally posted by John Phillips
That's what he's got - 500KA is audio taper.

Hey professor, A taper pots used to be the linear ones. (And C for audio) [size=1/2]remember?...[/size] ;)

OK, i should have re-checked, but it was so obvious that GMaker's problem was due to his pots
so i gave him a quick tip.

...i won't do it again.... :D


guys, thx 4 the answers...

about the '50's wiring', i've did it, and nothin 'really' happened. the tone pot's still not responsif.

i guess it cauzed by the cheap pots, but hey,i thought there some possibilities by the wiring... so i'm asking here.. :)
since i live in indonesia, it's a bit though to find a quality guitar part... :(

and, what is the right term for Log pots, is it A or B????
but yes, mine are the logs

and another Q : D

i read somewhere that i can reduce an impedance of pups by adding a caps/res parallel with it. is it right?? thus, can i make my neck hum pup abit 'brigther'?? any suggest??

anyhow, nice to meet you all....rock on :dude
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