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Tone is in the Polish

Mad Wombat

And use only Gibson brand products, or else your tone will suck and no one will ever like you again.:bonk

Alrighty then.

Astronaut FX

Gold Supporting Member
for one its written by someone who admits her guitar skills "are mostly in my head"

taking apart a pickup to polish it for better tone? um ok.
I guess I didn't take it quite as literal as everyone else. Only in the title of the article, and in the opening sentence does she talk about improving tone (she used the word a total of three times - the last of which she attributed enhanced tone to the finish of vintage guitars). I took her to mean that the general act of cleaning and maintaining your guitar can lead to improved tone. I think to some extent that is true. Allow it to get too dirty and grungy, you end up with strings not seating well at their contact points, scratchy pots, fret gunk hindering your bends, all sorts of issues. I didn't take her article to literally mean that each individual step that she discussed, individually, would magically have a dramatic improvement on your tone.

Scott Naylor

Silver Supporting Member
Next up on GLN, the Gibson Lifestyle Network: one Gibson "Henry J." signature platinum pickup cover removal Allen wrench with pernambuco handle. Limited edition with only 500 numbered units released on planet earth.*

*NOTE: signature is an authentic facsimile only. Only compatible with Historic level models and above. All claims of tone improvement by de-rusting pole pieces is neither officially endorsed or promoted by Gibson Lifestyle Products, Car Stereo, and Musical Instruments, Inc.


Tone in the Polish? That would be Ton. In the Spanish and Italian it's Tono. In the Afrikaans it's Toon. :p

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