Sold Tone King Imperial MK II


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This amp has only been owned by me and is in great condition. $SOLD and I will pay shipping. PayPal, North America only and I’m not looking for any trades at this time.

The Imperial MK II expands on the 20-year legacy of its namesake predecessor, offering thicker, chunkier midrange with lively dynamic response, rich harmonic complexity, smooth top end and superior presence. A 20W 1×12 two-channel combo with Rhythm and Lead channels, the Imperial MK II is an all-tube amp featuring a hand-wired board design for ideal component placement and reduced wiring length. A built-in Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator offers six attenuation steps to retain consistent tonal balance and character at any volume. An Attenuator Bypass, Tremolo On/Off switch, HF Compensation switch and Reverb expand tonal versatility.

Some pictures of the amp can be found here:[email protected]/albums/72157676797801611

Let me know if you are interested!

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