Tone Knob or Coil Tap?


Hey guys, I have a Fender Esquire GT, which has only one pick up and one knob, with no room to add any extra knobs or controls. I love the sound of it, the pickup has been switched it with some Seymour Duncan (don't have the model on hand ATM). But in the event that I want to change up my sound a bit, I thought of switching the volume knob to a concentric knob for volume/tone, or a push-pull knob for coil tap.

Which of these two options would give more tonal versatility?

Side note: I don't really mess with the tone knob on any of my other guitars.


How bright sounding is the pickup at full volume?

If it's very bright you'll probably want a tone knob, because it will only be brighter split.

If it's not particularly bright and you don't think you want to tame some of the highs (and it doesn't sound like it since you don't use the tone knob on your other guitars), go for the coil split which will give you a jangly sound.

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