Tone of G12H30's


Can someone describe the general tone of G12H30's as compared to other speakers? I'm sensing they are a bit smoother/rounder than V30. They also sound warmer with a nice thick midrange. Looking for alternatives that keep the bottom end and mids with a tad more brightness. Not sure if the ASW 70's would be the ticket or not with a Reinhardt Storm (50W Marshall)? Please advise.


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Anni G12H-30? No upper mid hump like the V30. Strong lows and highs with more of a "relaxed" mid that gets thicker when pushed hard. Definately not what I would call an all around thick midrange though. They have a tendancy to be ice picky when new but a long break in period mellows them out substantially. Great when paired with a more middy speaker and one of the reasons the V30/G12H-30 combo is so popular. Myself I really enjoy the G12H-30 paired with the thick mids of a G12-65.

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