Tone Specific Pickups - "Country" Tele set


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I wasn't familiar with Tone Specific until a few weeks ago. Kind of cool that they call their pickups country, rock, blues, or jazz. Makes it easier to pick a set without having to research much. I got the country set and the blues set (video coming soon). These country pickups have a nice powerful feel to them. It might not come across in the video, but you can feel it under your fingers. No harshness, as a Tele player I love that.

I'm using my Muleskinner amplifiers, a reverb pedal, and a Barber Gain Changer.

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These guys make the best pickup. I've got the Blues Strats. They are a huge upgrade over the Ron Ellis 50/60s I had in my blues Strat. I've tried dozens of boutique pickups bug they always fall short of the hype. I wish I would have found Tone Specific years ago. I would have saved a ton of money chasing my tone by trying to pick the right winder and right specs. Great videos by the way, you have really sweet tone.
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