Tone Tubby, Scumnico 30W or Celestion Gold for Genz Benz Black Pearl 30?

G Man

I recently bought a GB BP30 head and am currently running it through a 1x12 with a Cannabis Rex in it. I want to try an alnico speaker, as this amp ships with Eminence Red Fangs. I've read that the RFs tend to run a bit on the harsh side compared to some of the alternatives. So, I am looking at my options and have narrowed it down to either a Celestion Gold (50watt), Scuminico(30watt) or a Tone Tubby(50watt). The BP30 is more or less an AC30 type amp if that helps.

John Thigpen

Gold Supporting Member
I have a Black Pearl 3x10 and previously had a 1x12, both with Red Fangs. I think the Red Fangs sound great with this amp, but I'm sure the Celestion Gold or Tone Tubby would sound fantastic too. I'd be concerned about the wattage on the Scumnico. I have not played any of these speakers, so this is really a bump for you.


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