Tonefreak SEVERE high gain distortion demo action

Bobby D

Senior Member
wow....simply WOW!:dude

it must be HIGH GAIN month here at casa Bobby D

first, i demoed the Goosoniqueworx Seventh Heaven....which is a lot of fun.

and then THIS comes in the mailbox....

Tonefreak SEVERE

this thing is tons of fun, and HEAVY as they come. it really makes me wish i had a 7 string around.

VERY tight and articulate. LOADS of gain.

two 3 way miniswitches gave you some tonal options.

one is a three-way BRITE switch, to help dial in your high end response

the other one is a clipping switch, which dials in the style of clipping, and in the middle takes the diodes OUT of the circuit (i like this mode best, most of the time)

anyhow, enough typing, let's RAWK :beer


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