Toneport and Toneport VST question


Formerly tripp2k
I've noticed that there are VST packages you can buy over and above the cost of the Toneport that add the VSTs into your sequencer/DAW. I am completely inexperienced at this and about to start scrapping together the basics for home recording. My plans are to use Reaper.

What are the advantages of having these VSTs versus simply recording using the modeling inherent to the Toneport? What extra capabilities does it give someone who is starting out?


The plugin packages allow you to use the toneport sounds like any other plugin on a track that was already recorded. You could record one guitar line then try out different amps, effects, etc by just making the change in the plugins. Without the plugin package, you can only record exactly what comes out of the toneport. If you want to try another amp sound, you have to re-record the guitar line each time. The plugins give you a massive amount of flexibility - that's why they're so expensive.

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