Tony MacAlpine fans: 2 free new tracks for download.

Thanks for the heads up- Tony is a MONSTER musician, and his first two albums are still among my favorites of the instrumental shred genre.


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absolutely - Tony is sick.:dude
as someone said, from the Shrapnel lineup back in the 80's and early 90's he was a standout... did you see the tour with Vai? Check out Live at the Astoria...


Wow, I haven't listened to him in a long time. His talent is so ridiculous.


And guitar:


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I have had the privilege of hearing the the whole of the new T-Mac cd a few times and the playing is phenomenal. What a talent !

The tunes are very well crafted and keep you transfixed. A classical piece based on "Dedication" by Robert Schumann is exceptional and there is also a fantastic acoustic guitar/ piano track that I thought was really wonderful.

There is nothing weak on this new cd. Every track is attention grabbing ....... played on 7 and 8 string guitars, as well as keys of course.

I have always enjoyed T-Mac's work, especially his latest work with CAB, but this is another step up again.

Superb drumming also by Marco Minneman and Virgil Donati. Serious!

Get it when it comes out.
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Superb drumming also by Marco Minneman and Virgil Donati. Serious!

Get it when it comes out.

I caught Marco live in a small room with Guthrie Govan a couple of weeks ago. Man, that dude can almost best Bozzio in his prime! No seriously!! Amazing player, and they played mostly material off of the new Aristocrats cd. Which will be coming out soon. I highly recommend anyone who would dig T Mac, Jeff Beck, and Tribal Tech, Henderson fans to get this new cd. You will definitely like it. I'm not sure which song they were playing, but I recall Guthrie giving a nice Birdland quote. I'll have to check out this new Tony release. Thanks for posting!

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