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Top 5 bands in history


As most here have probably experienced, I've had a lot of time of reflection during the past year about my values and what I find important in life such as expressing your feelings to loved ones, etc. Another benefit is a lot less effort spent on gear and more time practicing and probably less importantly, after hours and hours of re-listening to old recordings, a re-ranking of who I believe are the most important bands in history. Not individual performers but the most influential bands:

1. The Beatles - I would argue invented a modern genre and had continued solo member success for decades afterwards
2. Rolling Stones - The depth and breadth of this group is truly incredible and the fact they are still contributing at a global level
3. Led Zeppelin - Brought British rock to the world stage
4. Pink Floyd - Redefined rock and the show
5. Queen - Stadium melodies and performances ie LiveAid


British people playing and/or plagiarizing blooze shuffles don't count as important. They just had the upper hand at the right time.

Compare it to... Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. They were basically in the same band when they recorded "Folksinger" iirc? That was one blues band.

Here, I said it.
The Stones have a cut off point where you gotta admit the influence is not there with their releases . Probaly the Who too if they made that list .

I agree the sex pistols in someone else's list . Them making the evening news had more impact then sadly the Ramones first album .

As much as I dislike them and their music the Grateful Deads template still has a lasting impact . Especially in the fact they were a major tour and merch organization that a ton of bands still emulate

Hendrix for the wrong reasons not for his music ...well among my peers who were big on him

Black Flag really opened up the self tour , self release music before the internet


Top 5 bands in history
my favorite:

1. Pink Floyd
2. Led Zep
3. Jimi Hendrix Experience
4. AC/DC
5. Beatles

which one have I listened to the most over the many years ?

Pink Floyd :bow

I just never get sick of their music


I agree with what the op said, but there are others that need to be mentioned.

Buddy Holly and the Crickets - They influenced the Beatles...and a lot of others.
Cream - The whole power trio thing.
Beach Boys - The whole west coast pop thing. In fact, the California that many young people dreamed about existed only in Brian Wilsons mind.

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