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Incredible sounding amplifier!

Very Good condition.
Only reason I'm not rating the condition higher is that there is some bubbling in the finish at the bottom of the front face plate.
I got the amp angled just right under the light, and you can clearly see it in the last picture below.
From a few feet back, you can't really notice it.
Just want to give full disclosure.

Power Cord included.

- Price - Traded - Thanks Jeff! - Shipped - Meticulously Packed - FedEx - Fully Insured.
- Will split PayPal fee if that's you method of payment (I don't accept PayPal Gift payments - it's a moral issue for me - I feel they are entitled to be paid for using their service)
- No fee for cashiers check, postal money orders or cash local pick up central FL.

From TopHat:

The Emplexador feature a traditional hi/lo input with selectable voicing between "Vintage" and "Modern".
The first mode, labeled "Vintage", is based on a 1968 "Plexi" with a few twists thrown in for added versatility!
We've added the ability to engage/disengage the "Bright Boost" bypass cap of a Classic '72 era amp as well as a switch to provide the fatter front end of a JTM 45.
The master volume control also provides greater drive control in both modes.
The second voicing, labeled "Modern", is designed to attain the best overdrive sound available with tons of gain and sustain while still offering some ability to have the amp clean up when your guitar is turned down.

TopHat Amplifiers are hand built, point-to-point circuit, high performance tube amplifiers with all the tone imaginable and are made virtually bullet-proof in America with pride and old-school craftsmanship. Best of all, they sound great!

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