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TopHat External Chassis Shots - Old School


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I had the chassis to my TopHat script logo King Royale out this morning. I was loading a matched quad of NOS Russian 6n14n (7189/EL84) into the amp. Decided to take a couple photos.

The first shot is simply the chassis with the new power tubes. I also had the jackets to the preamp tubes off. Left to right: NOS Siemens ECC83; NOS Ei ECC83 silver long plate; NOS Telefunken ribbed plate with perfectly matched triodes. The early King Royales had transformers that were custom wound by Pacific Transformer Co. The output transformers were actually wound to original JTM45 specs - not AC30 specs. Gorgeous sounding amp.

Oh yeah, this amp was built/signed by Phil Jamison - when Phil went to work for Brian after the original Matchless closed its doors. I love Brian's original "do all" chassis in these amps.

Here are the 6n14n power tubes lighting up in this amp for the first time. By the way, I bought them from our TGP brother PerryR. Perry has incredible knowledge of this stuff and some really really fine testing equipment. I've bought a few tubes from Parry - all top shelf, as advertised. Thoroughly tested. Easily rivals - or exceeds - any of the "name" tube shops.

Nothing like that fine, warm glow.

BTW - this amp is 17 years old. It's in museum condition and sounds KILLER. Brian was building great $hit going back 20+ years.

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