Tortuga Abduction Dual Germanium Overdrive

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    Tortuga Abduction Dual Germanium Overdrive

    The Abduction™ may be the single greatest thing to happen to your sound. It was designed to blend beautifully with your tube amp to add richness and gain without sacrificing your original tone. With three completely different gain circuits, each with dual foot-switchable gain controls, the sonic possibilities are almost endless. The Abduction™ has two different sets of old-stock Germanium diodes at it’s core that add a depth and color not available from most overdrives. Also, with the addition of an internal ‘Kill’ voicing trim pot, you can truly customize your tone.
    Abduct = Turns the effect on
    Howl = Volume
    Scream = Tone
    Probe = Gain 1
    Kill = Gain 2
    Probe or Kill = Toggle between Gain 1 and Gain 2
    1 = Germanium Overdrive 1
    2 = Germanium Overdrive 2
    3 = Distortion
    Enter = You plug your guitar into here
    Feed = 9v negative tip DC power jack
    Exit = Well, just guess

    “Howl” and “Scream” are pretty self explanatory when you start turning them. The 1/2/3 switch selects the different clipping stages. For each stage you can switch between two different gain settings (Probe or Kill) with the “Probe or Kill” footswitch. On the inside of the enclosure on the back of the circuit board, there is a trimmer pot marked “Kill”. This changes the voicing of the “Kill” channel. All the way clockwise, it will be exactly the same as the “Probe” side but if you back it off counter clockwise, the “Kill”channel will warm up and become smoother.

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