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Totally Free PC-Based Modeling


Senior Member
Guys, try the combination of the free VST host Cantabile Lite and the free VST Amp (plus cab IR loader and reverb) Boogex by Vonego.

This combo gives you one hell of a free modeling system. Throw in a well chosen set of free VST FX and a selection of free Cab IR's easily available online and you've got a free Pod Farm Killer.

I cannot believe how good the Boogex amp is. You gotta try it.


Would you mind sharing some of the VST efffects? I downloaded Cantabile Lite once a long time ago, but I gave up on my lack of skills understanding the software. Maybe I should try it again, now that I have GR5 and S-Gear.


Senior Member
The link that kyolic shared above has a ton of free stuff to try, including FX.

I had a little trouble getting Cantabile to work, but the developer actually worked hard with me to get it working. We exchanged many emails until I realized that it was just the input box that was default unchecked that was the main issue.


Silver Supporting Member

There isn't any better database for that than the one above.

Yes there is. KVR Lists pretty much EVERY free vst. But that means you have to wade through a ton of CRAP to find a few nuggets. if only there were a curated list of only GOOD Vst plugins...

Oh yeah, here it is. the best free VST site on the web

Amp section

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