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Getting deliveries from UPS FedEx and the USPS here state to state in the USA is a shambles and has been for the last several months.

its running about 1-2 days longer for priority service here in the midwest, so no true issues here. cant speak to other areas of country of course.

id love the return of the tour boxes. recommend to builders that they only send a couple pedals at a time.
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I was expecting a bunch of pictures and I got nothing. I'm really disappointed with this thread.


I'll fire off a tour box, anything anyone want to try out????

Hey! Thank you for doing this. It might be tricky because I am based in the UK (so I will understand if it's not possible) but I'm rather curious about the Shape EQ.
All the best!

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Really cool concept, but if I were a manufacturer I’d have to really consider how to ensure quality control at each step along the chain. If one person in the chain accidentally or intentionally does something to the product to cause it to perform sub-optimally, then you could have a whole line of subsequent users (i.e., potential customers) thinking that your product sounds/plays horribly, as they might innocently but mistakenly assume it was designed to sound/play that way. So ensuring quality control throughout the whole chain would be top of mind for me—and that’s hard to do without any control over the users, their use of the device, etc., all along the chain.


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Getting deliveries from UPS FedEx and the USPS here state to state in the USA is a shambles and has been for the last several months.

I've shipped and received quite a bit of packages over the past year and I've had a handful take a day or two longer but that's it. Mostly USPS.
I've never done it, as I can't afford to be constantly buying gear, but I've really enjoyed youtube vids and verbal reports of how people's trials turned out.


Definitely sign me up! I have done a couple in the past. One for the now defunct Noc3 effects with a couple of great dirt pedals and an amazing one knob boost I wish I still had, and one for the Trombetta Kush when it first came out. I really wish I had bought that one.


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I got on one several years ago and think it's a great idea! Turned me onto clean boost pedals....another thing that I didn't know that I needed! :jo:aok:dude Sign me up!


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Working on doing my own with a small Cable TourBox of Providence Cables for the forum.

Thanks for doing this on the forum again!!!!

Pretty awesome and cool idea. Thanks again to Don as well for coming up with the concept.

rockin robbie

I am very interested in the Tour Box. Due to the virus, I am not currently playing out like everyone else. However I have a great set up in my office and play at least 1 hour a day. I have also been playing 40+ years. If You would like to pursue this please hit me back,
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