Sold Trade feeler - LEFTIES - My PRS(s?) for your '58 or '59 Les Paul RI

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I'm only looking for trades. I love both of these, but I'd like a burst. I'm looking for a straight trade. I'd also be willing to trade both for the right '59... I'm seeking one of the faded burst types - iced tea, honey, lemon, etc.. I'm not really into bright cherry bursts or the darker bursts. I'd prefer flame, as well. I'm not really into plain tops on Pauls. :)

My PRS' are a lefty '12 Custom 24 (59/09's) and a '99 McCarty. Both are all stock. Both have very light wear - some light scratches from play. I'd say they're both almost 9 out of 10 though. If you're interested and want more detailed pics, I can send them. For now, here are the best pics I have of both guitars. Cases are included.


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Would you be interested in wine red? I have a 2003 flame top Les Paul I'd trade for the McCarty. Drop me a message and I'll send you details.

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