Trade or Not to Trade???


I have a 2007 Gibson Les Paul in very good condition. Chrome hardware, Burstbucker Pros Nitro Silverburst Finish. I bought it from Guitar Center in Oct of 2007, as one of those "special guitars of the month or week" or something.
I posted it for sale on craigs list, and I have an immediate response. A trade for a 2008 BC Rich handmade Eagle in an Alpine White finish. I know absolutly nothing about these guitars. The guy wants to trade straight up. I would like to sell for cash at $1850, but have had no luck with any interests.
Question is, Does anybody have any thoughts of BC Rich's USA Handmade Eagle? Is this a good trade? I believe It is beacuse the eagle retails at about 4k.
I really dont play the gibson at all. So, Im looking at this from monatery standpoint, and seriously considering it

Thanks Everybody for your thoughts!!!


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