Traded a Godin bass for these...


I've had a Godin Freeway 5 bass for the last 10 years and I haven't done much with it since my wife (the main bass player in the family) likes her Ibanez basses more, so I put it up on craigslist, hoping to sell it for a couple bucks.
After weeks of virtually no activity (Christmas season, ya know...) I had a guy contact me to see if I was interested in any trades.
I told him 'not really, unless you've got a jazz-type guitar and/or something with a Floyd Rose on it'.

He had both. I ended up getting a '99 Squier Stagemaster (version 1) w/ case and a circa 2000 Carlo Robelli UAS-920F in trade for the bass and a couple of pedals.
Both guitars were in reasonable shape and have only needed a good cleaning and strings and I'm really impressed with both of these.
The Squier is a "Crafted in China" Standard and it is surprisingly solid, with really low action, a fairly fast neck and it sounds pretty good through the Vox AC10.
The Carlo Robelli...I have to admit that I was ready to be totally unimpressed with Sam Ash's house brand instrument, but I've been playing it through my Fender Excelsior Pro amp and it sounds beautiful! These were apparently made in Korea by Samick and it's proof that a very well-made guitar can come out of that factory. No, it's not a Gibson L5. It also didn't cost $10k when it was new, so it's impressive for the price that it original sold for ($399?) and for how it performs against expectations.

I've never owned an arch top guitar before and I've never owned a FR-equipped guitar before, so this is all new territory for me and my limited time with both of them has got me smiling and inspired. :)
Here they are, all cleaned up and set up.


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