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Transfering Tracks from ProTools to Cubase


I'm looking for guidance on transferring tracks from Protools to Cubase.
The only way I know how is to start each track at the same marker, tracks panned to center, unity gain and bounce to a 24/44.1 wave file(or whatever the remix person wants) from ProTools to CD tracks and then upload the individual files to Cubase.
The recording engineer is not liking the idea of bouncing all of the tracks for the remix at a different studio.

Is there a less time consuming method of achieving this?


Jayson Chance

Gold Supporting Member
I think you pretty much have what you need to do.
in Pro Tools, first thing is to consolidate all of your tracks. And yes, make sure they all start at the same bar.
Then double-click on each transient & re-name the file something that's easy to pick out in the audio folder.

But the difference is, you don't have to bounce them. Once you have named them something identifiable (after consolidating each track), you simply pull the wav files out of the audio folder into whatever the other recording software is.

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