Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2 kills at jam...


Got a call to join some guys at a casual jam in a small bar. I just finished a 2203 and was in "METAL" mode. Sure why not, but what amp would be right? I was almost at a loss, and grabbed my 6v6 Bass Mate, 1x15. I'gigged it one time, before I altered the input stage.

Amidst the Crate 1x12 and Peavey small combos, this amp roared. The cleans were only second to a Fender BF. I ran the amp on 7 or 8 and controlled volume from the guitar. I had a Keeley SD-1 for a couple tunes.

I was thinking about selling it, but everyone was asking about the amp and it really was perfect for a small club. I suppose it must be like a tweed circuit, although I've never had a tweed.

I modded the input for less bass via a couple caps, and raised the mid presence with the slope resistor. Changed the cathode resistor to basic Fender values.

Really took me by surprise, having listened to a too loud 2203 for a few days! What a great time. Simpler is usually better...


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Traynors (the old ones at least- no experience with newer ones...) are great amps! Tough as nails too.

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