Tremolo screw in fell in on a Jazzmaster. How to fix it?


Hi all. I've got the Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster. it's a great guitar, and I absolutely love it, but I just messed up the tremolo. It's got a screw in tremolo in stead of the vintage style snap in one. I screwed it in as far as it would go until it stopped, so that it wouldn't swing around when you let go of it. It wasn't overtight, it was just to the point where it wouldn't go much further. Well, the guitar got knocked over during a rehearsal the other day, and the arm went past the point that it was supposed to stop, and the actual part where it screws in fell through the guitar, and into the tremolo assembly. It is now loosely rattling around inside the hole for it. I've posted some pictures since this probably isn't a great explanation. Anyway to retighten this back up so it would work again? I couldn't get it quite tight enough with a pair of needle nose pliers.




Do not fear !
The jazz master tremolo is self-contained so if you loosen the strings you can just remove the assembly And fish at the part you're looking for
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