Tremolo thoughts...anyone else?

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    Nov 14, 2003
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    I prefer guitars with tremolos however, I do not even bother putting the bar in because I do not use tremolos. I have found the play-ability to be some what improved with a tremolo.

    (Now I have only found this with PRS guitars and this does not hold true for Fender guitars as almost all my Strats are blocked off. However the springs are installed and do effect their tone.)

    I have found that PRS guitars with a trem are a little more comfortable to play. I have never really paid attention as to why that is. I have noticed that when I play and I go for a full step or step and a half bend that the trem lifts slightly and I guess I have done this for so long I am used to the tension and prefer the slight let off when I bend notes, The pitch also seems to be more accurate.

    I have also picked out guitars I perceive to be more resonate and it turns out these are also PRS guitars with trems. I have noticed when I play a note resonance and sound are greatly improved with trems that have trem springs. I took off the back plate and layed a towel across the springs and found there to be less resonance.

    So I guess I am asking, is it odd to prefer guitars with trems when I do not use trems? Also, has anyone else noticed the above observations when it comes to guitars with trems VS without trems?
  2. Jonathan

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    Jun 7, 2003
    I like the ability to detune played notes by bending other strings (yes...I like djenty stuff), so even if I didn't use a trem much, I would still prefer it.


    For country stuff, I think I would prefer the opposite for the steel-licks.
  3. dazco

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    Jul 25, 2003
    Trems change the tone and feel so no, it's not odd that you like trem guitars even tho u don't use the trem. I have been a strat player for many years but really don't use it much and i always keep it decked. I did use it a good bit at one point because it was there so i figured why not and it became part of my playing. But today i use it a lot less and don't need it. But because of the trem a strat sounds and feels different than say a tele. On a side note tho, i have come to prefer teles due to the way they sound a feel which is in large part due to being a hard tail. Not necassarily a better guitar, but different and i guess i had my fill of starts after so many years of them and play mostly teles now. But i think strats are great and the trem is what makes them what they are regardless of whether yu use it or deck it or whatever.
  4. bgmacaw

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    Nov 14, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    I only have one trem equipped guitar in my herd, my '63 Strat. I have the trem held down flush with the body with 5 springs. Having a floating trem just never seemed to be a fit with the bluesy bends style I typically use.

    I'd like to eventually get some more trem guitars so I can get a handle on that style of playing. But, my last 2 "guitar of the month" selections have been hardtails.

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