tremolo vs stoptail??? noob


i dont know everything about guitars, but what is the difference betweent tremelo and stoptail??? like what does tremelo do and what does stoptail do?

i have tremelo on my strat, and a prs se eg that i just sold on ebay and getting reay to ship, at aleast i think it is tremelo, and i hate the prs se eg. i do however have a prs mahoney that i lve and its a stoptail.

now the se eg is also single coils and the tim mahoney is humbuckers.....

but anyways i really like the feel of the tim mahoney feels bolder and more chunky aggressive, nad im really wanting to save my money for a prs custom 24 b ut all i see are tremolos on them, and i dont like the "look" of the prs 22. is there anyway to get a custom 24 with stoptail?? or would that be a big mistake??? i want it in eriza verde or jade, but im not sure which id have to see it in person...................yes i know the green ones are everywhere.:mmm


I just got a PRS Mahoney the other day, amazing guitar for the money, I love it. Some will say the a stop tail has more sustain and resonance. A tremolo lets you add vibrato and dives or pulls depending on the type of tremolo. I don't own tremolo equipped guitars, because I don't use it, I'm not that type of player, but for others a tremolo is mandatory, it all depends on your style and needs. I don't think they make a custom 24 with a stop tail. but your Mahoney is a close match. Do you have a guitar center or musicians friend nearby to visit?


This is what a tremolo does. Also know as a whammy bar.

Stop tail means it does not have a whammy bar.


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