Tremolo with ep pedal?

I know there's heaps of posts about the Tremolo....but I would like to know if there's a pedal that ticks all the boxes...
Tremolo with expression pedal?
Trem with vibratro?
Tap ?
different type waves?
I dunno...just after something that does it different than straight trem
I'm playing with Reverb with an expression pedal
and just thought a trem with similar functions might sound cool as well?


Empress Tremolo 2.
It doesn't have any kind of vibrato and it sounds like any other tremolo I've tried in the past, but the "modern" features included are the reason I own it :love:


I've recently been using a Boss ME-70 for different fx when needed.
The MOD section has a nice trem and vibrato (can't use together thou) but you can tap the tempo for your mod OR assign the expression pedal to MOD RATE, which will affect what ever effect you choose.

Bonus is that it's got reverb, and very nice 'analog' and 'modulated' delays as well as other nice mod effects like univibe and rotary and phaser
And a tuner.

The bypass on the pedal is also great in my opinion. I run into a JMP100 input.

And as a bonus, when rehearsing I take my normal pedals in front, but turn on the amp sim (not great but usable) and go straight into a powered speaker. This would also be a handy backup at a gig.
SolidGoldFX Stutterbox has everything you've mentioned aside from vibrato. I think the vibrato part will be the toughest part to fulfill outside of multi effect pedals. I mean the Strymon Mobius will certainly get you there.

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