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Tremolopedal with accelerating activation?


Hi guys.

Are there any tremolopedals out there that fade themselves in gradually when you activate them? That take som time to build up the preset tremolo speed? You know, like a Leslie speaker would react when you throw that switch on an organ?

I have a tube-combo that utilizes a certain way of producing tremolo - it turns the power-tubes on and off to produce the effect. When I strike a chord and activate the tremolo, it's not there immediately - but it rather fades in and accelerates from 0 to 100% within a second. I find this so much more musical than how a regular tremolopedal behaves: the effect is there immediately when you step on it.

I'm getting a smaller amp, but I still want that particular tremolo - so therefore I'm in the market for a pedal that can do this.


Thanks. :)


Diamond has a trem that can speed up and slow down as well when you hold the tap switch. It doubles or halfs then by ramping up/down.

I also used to use a Lexicon MPX1 and assigned an envelope follower to the trem speed. It was awesome.


The Vox Cooltron VibraVox tube pedal ramps between different speeds, but I'm not sure if it "fades in" when turned on.

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