Tremolux 2x10 cab speakers crackling intermittent


Hey guys!

I recently acquired an old 210 tremolux cabinet with some 10 inch orange jbl D110F speakers in it. I hooked it up to my silver face showman and it sounds excellent, however at random times the speakers will make a crackling / fuzzy sound that appears to be independent of the amp volume.

I rewired and resoldered the connections on the inside as they looked pretty old and I figured that would fix the issue, but it hasn’t. I’ve tried several speaker cables to the head, no fix. I hooked up my 212 cab to the same head and didn’t hear this issue with that cab. When the amp is crackling, it’s the same volume and sound coming out of both speakers. Anyone got any ideas what I can look at next? I’m wondering if there’s a bad speaker or something, but if only one speaker is bad would the crackling also come out of the other one?



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JBL's have spring tabs. Take the wires out and clean the tabs with either CRC QD Electronic cleaner or denatured alcohol. If that doesn't fix the problem, then the speakers themselves may have voice coil issues.

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