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tremolux cab


Can't decide on what cab to go with my '66 tremolux head,play traditional country (with a tele of course) and even though I know that this amp is meant to be used with a closed back 2x10,I play alot of open string, ringing,double stop,chord based style licks and have been using an open back 2x12,cheap cab to get me through till I decide,so before I buy,open back or closed,2x10 or 2x12?


Fully Intonatable
Silver Supporting Member
I've had a '62 Tremolux with the original 2x10 bottom (original speakers) for a long time. I've also run the head into old bf 2x12 Bassman/Bandmaster bottoms with CTS and Celestion 65s. I like the projection of the closed-back cabs, and for a clean Tele, I think the bass response from 12"s might be the way to go.

For that traditional country clean sound, consider a JBL type, which is more efficient than other traditional Fender OEM speakers and projects well. Weber makes a 10 or 12" California model with a few dustcap options, the paper cap model is a bit warmer than the traditional aluminum and I prefer it. Going that route ensures that any clipping in the sound is coming from the amp and not the speaker cones.


Platinum Supporting Member
Avatar used to have a nice 2x10 cab a while back. They dropped them for a while but Dave says they are getting back to the tens.

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