Tricks for keeping some knobs from being accidentally turned?


Anybody got any home remedies for (semi-temporarily) fixing certain knobs to remain in certain positions? OR maybe a way to treat the knobs so there is more friction and they can't be turned as easily?

For example, on my compressor, I always want the blend at like 95%. But it's a sensitive param and it's really easy to bump it out of place.

I thought about using a bit of clear silicone glue on the underside to just make them harder to move, by way of friction against the base of the pedal. This would be totally reversible, no?

Any other ideas? Tx

Bob Pollock

Altes Holz
Gold Supporting Member
Find the appropriate sized rubber O-ring, remove the knob, slip the O-ring over the pot shaft, and put the knob back on.

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