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Tried the AC15 TV tonight...enough power?


I got a chance to try this thing out. I pretty much expected it to be a little brittle with the new Blue speaker, but I was still floored by the overall touch sensitivity and tone of this amp. It doesn't let you get away with anything!

I was in a small room (you know the room with the better amps) and I was able to turn it right up with the door closed. I tried both channels pentode, triode mode, bass shift, etc. It was the first time I got to play through a Vox AC at a pretty decent volume.

One thing I am concerned about though. At $1,400.00 retail, I don't want this to be a "bedroom amp". I am kind of different in the respect that if I am going to spend that kind of cash, I want to be able to play it out. I am getting some people together to start rehearsing. I went to start up a roots rock combo. Is this little amp going to be enough for a medium sized club?
It just doesn't seem like enough to fill up a stage. Perhaps an extension cab?

This is a gem of an amp. For anyone out there who has one, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I don't have one yet, ....but I was really impressed, didn't think I would .....but it is by far the most impressive vox amp I've tried (newer ones)....your talking about the ac15HW right ?

I thought it was quite loud, the blue spkr helps in this regard being 100db sensativity. I guess it depnds on the stage and band overall volume, but I"ve gigged a 14 watt amp for years and it was perfect as long as I kept the amp pretty close.


I think it's loud enough. Very nice amp....I was pleasantly surprised. I had a Brit-built AC15 TBX (still have an AC30 TBX) and the TV is a fair bit louder.
I bought the AC15HW a few months ago...tried it out in a store, slapped the money down that instant. :drool

Have gigged with it a few times and it is loud enough for stage, even with a hard hitting drummer...won't fill a room though, I always mic my amps for the audience to hear anyway.

I prefer it to a 30 watt as you can get it to breakup at non deafening volumes, an AC30 would be too much volume for stage for me. I like a compressed clean with a small amount of breakup.
If you like your clean sound really clean...I'd go for the AC30 for the extra headroom.


Quite loud even in triode mode, easily giggable for small to medium rooms, Great when you can crank it, less impressive at practice volumes, but pretty pedal friendly especially on the 12ax7 side.

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