Tried to search - Anyone use the Joyo Programable Looper?


I'm really wanting to get one of these, or something like it.

For $173 it's hard not to try and pull the trigger. It would only be used live, and live the nuances we strive to perfect so much in the studio/bedroom, does not nessecarily translate in that live, loud situation.

SO - Joyo - I have not grabbed anything yet from them. My brain tells me cheap=tone loss/bad sound/ect

My wallet says - doesn't matter because it's only used live to help cut down on tap dancing and will help me concentrate on playing and enjoying and not being worried if I'm going to get the 4 pedals on that I need in this phrase and then the 2 I need in the next.

Thanks all - like I said I tried to search but couldn't find one.

The Octaswitch and Rocktron about at least twice as much if not more. Those are excellent choices, and maybe that's where I end up, but thought I'd try here first!

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