Sold Trinity Triwatt Head (Hiwatt style low wattage amp)

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    Dec 1, 2011
    Bought this off TGP in May of this year.

    I've used it in my basement and a few rehearsals since.

    It's in great condition overall and sounds great. The preamp tubes and 6V6 power tubes don't have many hours on them.
    It's a classic Hiwatt circuit, with the ability to go into higher gain tones.
    Plenty of clean headroom if you need it, or plenty of gain if you need any volume.
    the previous owner did not built the amp, nor did I, but I will post pics of the guts.

    Only minor issue, which based on the triwatt forum is somewhat common; when in high gain mode (doesn't happen in normal low gain mode), with the gain above 2-3 o'clock and the channel volumes max'd it starts to feedback/oscillate. It can be fixed by rerouting/moving certain wires......Frankly, I never needed that much gain, so it wasn't an issue for me. Plus I'm not an amp tech, so I never messed with it.

    I love the amp, but now have a custom 120w Sound City to Hiwatt conversion head and don't need both.


    NOW $550 shipped in the lower 48.


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